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Some links of code practices

  1. CSharpRenderer by bartwronski (Work in Assassin’s Creeds Series)
    • A DX11 based graphics framework for rapid visual effect and algorithm prototyping
    • Some interesting algorithms already there
      • Temporal Scalable Ambient Occlusion
    • Blog:
    • Github:
  2. Nvidia Texture Tools
    • A image processing and texture manipulation library
      • Various texture formats supported, including D3D10 & 11 formats.
      • Mipmap and normal map generation, format conversion, DXT compression (CUDA based also).
    • Github:
  3. DirectXTex
  4. AMD Radeon SDK
    • There’re a couple of interesting algorithm of rendering, with source code as well.
    • GPU based particle, tiled lighting, separable filter etc.
  5. Nvidia Gameworks
  6. DirectX 12 graphics samples
  7. MSAA and temporal AA of The Order 1886
  8. Scalable Ambient Obsccurance